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How the Search for a Chair Changed My Life

How the Search for a Chair Changed My Life

North Bohemia Bracelet Seeks Chair in Hoboken, NJ

I grew up sharing my bedroom with my younger sister (no space); through college I had roommates (loud space) and after graduation, I got married (not so happy space).  In my mid 20’s I was divorced and decided the best thing to do was to have my own space.

I had a one bedroom apartment in Nashville, my rocking chair from my first marriage and a small meditation area. Since I worked at Futon Store (so 90’s, right?!), I had a few futons too. Ah, all mine.

Then, I met my true love and he moved in with me (back to no space, but very happy space).  Here I was, happily remarried and in my late 30’s so we decided to have a child. We were a household of full-time working parents and renovating a building. What were we thinking?

At this point I found myself craving a space to call my own. I knew it could be simple. All I needed was a chair. After a few years of researching “the right chair”, I found myself in an antique store with so many tiny rooms. When I rounded the corner to one room I walked in and there it was, The CHAISE! It was love at first sight.

How the Search for a Chair Changed My LifeMy Chaise.

 And then that old puritanical inner voice said, “you shouldn’t be lounging, you should be sitting. Lounging is indulgent.”

Thank goodness I told that voice to kiss my @#$%.

The Chaise fits me perfectly. She’s pictured above unencumbered. I love how she wraps around my body, how the fabric design and texture makes me feel like I’m on a never-ending summer retreat.

But the most important thing my chair gave me was a place to call my own.

Do you have a space that is just yours?  We'd love to hear about it. Share your story in the comments below. 

Hathor Choker After the photo shoot for our new chokers I headed straight for My Chaise.  

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