Illuminated Me believes that the success of a company is measured by its people. Above all else, we remain steadfast in our commitment to ensure everyone involved in creation of our jewelry is treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. Each of our pieces is crafted in our Portland, Maine, studio by artisans who are provided fair wages to take charge of their own lives and firmly plant their roots in our community. Hiring members of the immigrant and refugee communities is an essential part of our business model, focusing our efforts on healing division and isolation in our state and in our country. We believe that big changes can be made by small choices. These pieces carry meaning beyond simple thread and beads, they are crafted with the energy of all that we believe: that the future is hopeful, that the past is sacred, and that each of us is powerful beyond measure. What jewelry you put on each day may be a small choice, but where you choose to purchase it is a choice that can literally change lives.

About Sharon Herrick, Designer/Owner
As the grand-daughter of immigrants and a lifelong advocate for social justice, Sharon Herrick’s mission in founding Illuminated Me was to have a daily positive impact on global communities now living in the U.S. After earning a Masters Degree in Social Work and a spending years working in various social change efforts including filmmaking, advocacy for elder justice, and refugee healthcare, she realized that having an impact on the lives of others could be done in many ways. Illuminated Me combines her love for creating beautiful, meaningful jewelry with her passion for improving her community, its economy, and the lives of its residents.



About Nabaa Al Obaidi, Jewelry Designer
Nabaa’s life work is all about creativity. She arrived in the U.S. in 2015 from Bagdad, Iraq. She holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Interior Design and was a lecturer at the University level. Nabaa comes from an extensive line of artisans. Her mother was a ceramic artist and her father taught her Pyrography. Her large scale wood burnings of people, animals and Arabic calligraphy have been exhibited at the Maine College of Art. In addition, while living in Bagdad, Nabaa and her aunts launched a designer cake business. Nabaa was inspired by the U.S. network series: Cake Boss. Her aunt still runs the business in Bagdad, while Nabaa continues making cakes for family and friends creating masterful designs that are gorgeous to the eye and delicious to eat. Nabaa brings to Illuminated Me Jewelry skillful artistry, a fantastic sense of humor, and an insatiable curiosity.