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When two people have a vision that aligns them, it seems inevitable they will find one another. So it was when this luxury fashion designer from New York and social worker turned jewelry designer from Maine happened to meet at a leather showroom in the garment district. Their shared mission: to blend the world of fashion design with fine artists and craftspeople from around the globe. The pieces in their collection represent the unity that exists between cultures, genders, and socioeconomics. Together, they are committed to establishing a different way of doing business by strengthening the ties that connect us rather than the lines that divide us.
From Venn + Maker: "The talented jeweler Sharon Herrick of Illuminated Me has been working closely with the team at Venn developing unique pieces since she became one of our makers in early 2018. Erica  had found Sharon in Instagram and few years back, so when Sharon walked into an event at Venn, she was excited to meet her and invite her to be a maker with us. She quickly became one of our top jewelry sellers. She sources the finest gems, pearls, brass, and 14k gold accents, so it was an easy decision to collaborate on something special for our Workshop."