Due to the unknown aspects of COVID-19, we’re using an abundance of caution and recommended protocols:

  1.  With a pair of disposable, dedicated gloves to package your goods, we are wiping down our jewelry with anti-bacterial wipes just before we package them up in their gift box and shipping box or envelope.
  1.  Once your order has been made and packed for shipping, we are waiting up to 72 hours before we actually mail the package. A reputable study (April 2020, NEJM) indicates that COVID-19 is not detectable on any surfaces longer than 72 hours, so this allows time for any potential contamination to dissipate.
  1.  Due to unknown contact with the outside of your package during transition through the mail system, we recommend that you wash your hands after contact with the mail. Best practice may also include setting packages aside in an isolated place for three days before opening.
If you have any questions or ways you would like us to handle your order, please let us know. Please know that, while these protocols will make your order take longer to arrive, we are trying to be as safe as possible in these uncertain times. Thank you for your support of our small business!