In the spirit of unity, we’ve chosen bold, contrasting colors that represent the variances present in our personal histories. Alone, they have little in common, but when arranged with intentional design, they bring out the best in one other. This orderly and geometric pattern is rational in form and earthbound in symbolism. Our square design elicits the most primal sense of order.

Square shaped glass beads are hand-woven with a durable nylon thread. An adjustable clasp finishes off the cuff.

- Narrow: 1" (note price: $279)
- Wide: 1.5" (note price: $349)
- Length: 71/4" - 8"

- Shiny black and red
- Shiny black and metallic green
- Matte black and gold
- Matte black and genuine silver plate (+$15)
Custom size and colors upon request. 

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